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Waterproof Solar Light Jellyfish Outdoor for Yard Patio Decoration

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Waterproof Solar Light Jellyfish Outdoor for Yard Patio Decoration 




Product Name: Waterproof Solar Light Jellyfish Outdoor for Yard Patio Decoration

Key Features:

  1. Solar-Powered: Harnesses energy from the sun using solar panels, eliminating the need for external power sources and reducing environmental impact.

  2. Waterproof Design: Features a waterproof construction, allowing the jellyfish lights to withstand various weather conditions, including rain and snow.

  3. Jellyfish-Inspired Design: Adopts a decorative jellyfish design, adding a whimsical and enchanting touch to outdoor spaces.

  4. Color-Changing LED Lights: Equipped with color-changing LED lights, creating a vibrant and visually appealing display during the evening.

  5. Automatic On/Off: Includes an automatic on/off feature, turning the lights on at dusk and off at dawn for hassle-free operation.

  6. Durable Materials: Crafted from durable materials such as weather-resistant plastic or acrylic, ensuring longevity and resistance to outdoor elements.

  7. Hanging or Ground Installation: Offers flexibility in installation, allowing users to hang the jellyfish lights or place them on the ground, enhancing versatility in decorating yards and patios.

  8. Rechargeable Batteries: Utilizes rechargeable batteries to store solar energy for nighttime illumination, providing energy efficiency.

  9. Easy Installation: Designed for easy setup, requiring minimal assembly or installation effort.

  10. Glowing Effect: Produces a soft and glowing effect, creating an ambient and calming atmosphere in outdoor spaces.


  • Ambient Lighting: Adds ambient and decorative lighting to yards, patios, gardens, or any outdoor setting.

  • Energy-Efficient: Operates on solar power, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing electricity costs.

  • Weather Resistance: Withstands outdoor elements, making it suitable for year-round use in various climates.

  • Versatile Placement: Can be hung from trees, pergolas, or patio structures, or placed on the ground to suit different outdoor decor preferences.

  • Automatic Operation: Requires minimal maintenance, with automatic on/off functionality based on ambient light conditions.

Usage Tips:

  1. Optimal Placement: Install the solar lights in an area that receives ample sunlight during the day for optimal charging.

  2. Clean Solar Panels: Periodically clean the solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency in harnessing sunlight.

  3. Secure Hanging Installation: If hanging the lights, ensure that the installation is secure to prevent accidental falls.

  4. Check Batteries: Regularly check the condition of rechargeable batteries and replace them if necessary.

  5. Store in Extreme Weather: In severe weather conditions, consider storing the lights indoors to prolong their lifespan.

  6. Avoid Obstructions: Place the lights away from obstructions that may cast shadows on the solar panels, hindering charging.

  7. Gently Clean: If needed, gently clean the jellyfish lights with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris.

  8. Monitor for Damage: Inspect the lights for any damage, such as cracks or water ingress, and address issues promptly.

    Eight modes:
    1. Automatic continuous transformation of each segment, from the second stage to the seventh stage.
    2. The waves go forward and backward.
    3. Running with two lights.
    4. Single lights dimmed and dimmed.
    5. Flashing with horse change.
    6. Both lights dimmed and dimmed at the same time.
    7. Flashing.
    8. Normally on.


    • Product name: solar garden light
    • Material: optical fiber + stainless steel + ABS
    • Shell color: clear
    • Light color: red, green, blue, warm white, white
    • Light source: LED
    • Feature: solar powered, waterproof
    • Charging time: about 6-8 hours
    • Working time: about 8-12 hours
    • Package size(approx.): 30.5 x 9.5 x 6cm/12.01 x 3.74 x 2.36inch

    Package Includes

    • 5 Pcs x Solar Garden Light
    • 5 Pcs x Ground Stake
    • 1 PC x Holder
    • 1 Bag x Screw
    • 1 PC x Remote Control