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USB Flame Aromatherapy Table Lamp Humidifier Night Light

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USB Flame Aromatherapy Table Lamp Humidifier Night Light

A USB flame aromatherapy table lamp humidifier night light is a multifunctional device designed to provide ambient lighting, aromatherapy, and humidification in a compact and aesthetically pleasing form. 


  1. Table Lamp:

    • The device serves as a table lamp, providing soft and adjustable lighting suitable for creating a cozy or relaxing atmosphere in a room.
  2. Aromatherapy Function:

    • The aromatherapy function typically involves the use of essential oils. The device may have a built-in compartment or tray where you can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil. As the device operates, it releases a gentle fragrance into the air.
  3. Humidifier:

    • The humidifier function adds moisture to the air, which can be beneficial in dry environments or during the winter months. The device usually uses ultrasonic technology to produce a fine mist.
  4. Night Light Feature:

    • The night light feature is designed to provide a subtle and soothing glow during nighttime hours. It can serve as a nightlight in bedrooms or other areas where a gentle light source is desired.
  5. USB-Powered:

    • These devices are often powered via USB, making them convenient to use with various power sources, such as USB ports on computers, power banks, or USB wall adapters.
  6. Flame-Like Effect:

    • Some models incorporate a flame-like effect in the lighting, creating a warm and calming visual reminiscent of a flickering flame. This feature adds to the overall ambiance.
  7. Adjustable Brightness:

    • Look for a lamp with adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to customize the intensity of the light according to your preferences or the time of day.
  8. Compact and Portable:

    • The compact and portable design makes it easy to place the device on bedside tables, desks, or other surfaces. Portability is especially convenient for those who want to move the device between rooms.
  9. Easy Operation:

    • Consider the ease of operation. Intuitive controls or touch-sensitive buttons make it user-friendly, allowing you to adjust settings with minimal effort.
  10. Water Capacity:

    • Check the water capacity of the humidifier to understand how long it can operate before requiring a refill. Larger water capacities mean less frequent refilling.
  11. Auto Shut-Off:

    • An auto shut-off feature for both the humidifier and the lamp can be beneficial. It ensures safety by turning off the device when the water level is low or after a specified duration of use.

  • Water tank capacity: 200mL
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated power: 10 W
  • Atomization amount: 15-25ML/hour
  • Product color: White Gray
  • Timing function: 1/3/6 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Size: 200*80*125mm
  • Switch: Remote control
  • Additional function: Projection