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Solar LED Light - Modern Kettles Lamp Flowing Water

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Decorate your garden eco-friendly!

Product Name: Solar LED Light - Modern Kettles Lamp Flowing Water

ChatGPTProduct Name:

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Solar-Powered LED Kettles Design Lights

Key Features:

  1. Solar-Powered: Harness the power of solar energy for an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

  2. LED Technology: Equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology for bright and efficient illumination.

  3. Modern Kettles Design: Add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces with a modern and decorative design resembling kettles.

  4. Flowing Water Effect: Create a visually captivating and calming ambiance with the mesmerizing flowing water effect.

  5. Automatic On/Off: Typically includes an automatic on/off sensor that activates the light in low light conditions and turns it off during daylight.

  6. Dusk-to-Dawn Operation: Some models offer dusk-to-dawn operation, ensuring continuous lighting throughout the night.

  7. Weather-Resistant Construction: Built with weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring durability.

  8. Solar Panel Integration: Includes an integrated solar panel to capture sunlight for charging the built-in rechargeable batteries.

  9. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, or pathways.

  10. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance, mainly cleaning the solar panel to ensure optimal charging efficiency.


  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizes solar energy, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.

  • Decorative Element: Adds a decorative and modern touch to outdoor spaces, enhancing overall aesthetics.

  • Ambiance Enhancement: The flowing water effect enhances the ambiance, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Automatic Operation: The automatic on/off feature ensures hassle-free operation, requiring no manual intervention.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar-powered lights contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor lighting solution.

Usage Tips:

  1. Optimal Sunlight Exposure: Install the solar LED light in an area with optimal sunlight exposure to maximize charging efficiency.

  2. Clean Solar Panel: Periodically clean the solar panel surface from dust, dirt, or debris to maintain optimal charging performance.

  3. Switch Position: If the solar LED light has an on/off switch, ensure it is in the "on" position for automatic operation.

  4. Avoid Shaded Areas: Install the light away from shaded areas or objects that may obstruct sunlight and impact charging.

  5. Weather Considerations: While designed to be weather-resistant, extreme weather conditions may impact performance. Consider bringing the light indoors during severe weather.

  6. Secure Installation: Ensure the solar LED light is securely installed to prevent accidental tipping or damage.

  7. Check Batteries: If the light doesn't operate as expected, check and replace the rechargeable batteries if necessary.

  8. Position for Aesthetics: Place the solar LED light in locations that enhance the overall aesthetics of the outdoor space.

  9. Experiment with Placement: Experiment with different placements to find the ideal position for capturing sunlight and achieving the desired lighting effect.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Size: Big pot (large 27 * 18 * 11.5cm) (small 24 * 10.5 * 15cm), bracket height 80cm, net weight 0.4kg, margin 0.48kg

  • LED Light Source: 36 flash warm white silver line light + high bright white light

  • Battery Specifications: Ni-MH 1.2V AA600mAh

  • Solar Panel: 50 * 50mm 2V 120mAh

  • Waterproof Function: Waterproof

  • Product Material: Iron