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Solar Garden Gnomes with LED Lights

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Solar Garden Gnomes with LED Lights

Solar garden gnomes with LED lights are charming and whimsical outdoor decorative items that add a touch of magic to gardens and yards. 


  1. Material:

    • Typically made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as resin or polyresin, allowing the gnomes to withstand outdoor conditions.
  2. Solar Panel:

    • Equipped with a small solar panel usually located on the gnome's hat or nearby, which absorbs sunlight during the day to power the LED lights at night.
  3. LED Lights:

    • Embedded with LED lights, often located in various parts of the gnome, such as the lantern they may be holding, the eyes, or other decorative elements. These lights create a soft and magical glow during the evening.
  4. Automatic On/Off:

    • Most solar garden gnomes have an automatic on/off feature controlled by a light sensor. They turn on automatically at dusk when it gets dark and turn off when it's daylight.
  5. Charming Designs:

    • Available in a variety of charming and whimsical designs, with gnomes posed in various activities or carrying garden-themed accessories. The designs can range from traditional gnomes to more contemporary or themed options.
  6. Size Variations:

    • Come in different sizes, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their garden or outdoor space. Sizes may range from small tabletop versions to larger garden centerpieces.
  7. Hand-Painted Details:

    • Often hand-painted with intricate details to enhance their visual appeal. The colors are designed to be fade-resistant to maintain their vibrancy over time.
  8. Weather Resistance:

    • Designed to withstand exposure to the elements, ensuring durability and longevity in outdoor environments.
  9. Variety of Themes:

    • Besides traditional gnomes, these solar-powered decorations may come in various themes, such as seasonal gnomes for holidays, beach-themed gnomes, or gnomes engaged in specific activities like fishing or reading.
  10. Easy Installation:

    • Simple and easy to set up. Just place the gnome in a sunny location in your garden, and the solar panel will absorb sunlight to power the LED lights.
  11. Battery Storage:

    • Some models come with a rechargeable battery that stores solar energy during the day, ensuring the LED lights can illuminate for an extended period during the night.
  12. Garden Accent:

    • Function both as decorative elements and garden accents, adding a touch of personality and charm to outdoor spaces.


    • Material: Resin
    • Cute gnome shapes
    • Solar-powered garden accent pieces
    • Rechargeable battery: 300 mAh
    • Height: 12-13 inches approx.
    • Place in gardens, patios, balconies, pavilions, and backyards