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Solar Flame Lights Flickering Lamp Torch

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Solar Flame Lights Flickering Lamp Torch

Gorgeous garden flame lights design!

    Solar Flame Lights Flickering Lamp Torch

    Product Name: Solar Flame Lights Flickering Lamp Torch

    Key Features:

    1. Flickering Flame Effect: Emits a realistic flickering flame effect, simulating the appearance of a dancing flame for decorative ambiance.

    2. Solar-Powered: Powered by solar energy, featuring built-in solar panels to harness sunlight and convert it into electrical energy for nighttime illumination.

    3. Auto On/Off: Equipped with an automatic on/off sensor that activates the lights at dusk and turns them off at dawn, conserving energy.

    4. Environmentally Friendly: Operates without the need for external power sources or batteries, making it an environmentally friendly lighting option.

    5. Weatherproof Construction: Designed with weatherproof and durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions, including rain and snow.

    6. Stake or Mounting Options: Some models come with stakes for easy insertion into the ground, while others may offer mounting options for attachment to surfaces.

    7. Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Utilizes energy-efficient LED technology to provide a warm and inviting glow with minimal power consumption.

    8. Decorative Housing: Housed in decorative casings, often resembling torches or lanterns, enhancing the visual appeal of outdoor spaces.

    9. Long Runtime: The solar-powered battery provides a long runtime, allowing the lights to stay illuminated throughout the night.

    10. Versatile Outdoor Use: Suitable for various outdoor settings such as gardens, pathways, patios, or as decorative accents around outdoor spaces.


    • Atmospheric Ambiance: Creates a warm and atmospheric ambiance, especially during evenings or outdoor events.

    • Cost-Efficient: Solar-powered operation eliminates the need for electricity, reducing energy costs.

    • Easy Installation: Requires no wiring or external power sources, making installation quick and hassle-free.

    • Low Maintenance: With no need for manual operation, the lights are low-maintenance and self-sufficient.

    • Enhances Outdoor Decor: Adds a decorative and visually pleasing element to outdoor landscapes.

    Usage Tips:

    1. Optimal Placement: Install the solar flame lights in locations where they receive direct sunlight during the day for optimal charging.

    2. Clean Solar Panels: Periodically clean the solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency in harnessing sunlight.

    3. Switch Position: Check the switch position (if applicable) to ensure the lights are set to automatic mode for dusk-to-dawn operation.

    4. Secure Mounting: If using mounting options, ensure a secure and stable attachment to surfaces.

    5. Stake Insertion: For stake models, insert the stakes securely into the ground, considering soil conditions.

    6. Battery Replacement (if applicable): If the lights have replaceable batteries, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for battery replacement.

    7. Store in Winter: In colder climates, consider storing the lights during winter to protect them from extreme conditions.

    8. Rotate Lights: Occasionally rotate the lights to ensure even exposure to sunlight and uniform charging.


    • Solar panel: 6V; 0.1A
    • Estimated solar panel lifespan: 5 years
    • Waterproof rating: IP65
    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • Charging time in direct sunlight: 8 hours


    Package List:

     * Solar Flame Lights (4,6, or 8)
    * Extension Pipe (4,6, or 8)
    * Ground Plug (4,6, or 8)