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Remote Control Dog Robot Toy Programable 2.4G Wireless Electronic

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Remote Control Dog Robot Toy Programable 2.4G Wireless Electronic


Get ready for an incredible blend of fun, technology, and education with our Remote Control Dog Robot Toy Programable 2.4G Wireless Electronic. This adorable and amazing robot dog is not just a toy; it's a programmable, intelligent companion that your kids and pets will absolutely love!

Key Features:

  1. Remote Control Fun:

    • Easily control the robot dog using the included remote control, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your child.
    • Sound and light effects add an extra layer of excitement, creating an engaging playtime for kids.
  2. Medium Size, Maximum Play:

    • The perfect size for kids to play with, this robot dog offers a delightful playtime experience without being too large or too small.
    • Its user-friendly design makes it easy for children to interact with the robot dog.
  3. Educational Entertainment:

    • This robot dog is not just about play; it's also an educational tool. With programmable functions and interactive features, it promotes learning and creativity.
  4. Smart and Programmable:

    • The intelligent dancing robot dog boasts a range of fun functions, including singing, dancing, storytelling, and more.
    • It can be programmed to perform actions like squatting down, rolling over, standing up, walking around, crawling forward, and even imitating urination.
  5. Control Modes:

    • Choose between two control modes – wireless remote controller and touch-sensitive control – for a versatile and enjoyable play experience.
    • LED light eyes with changeable expressions enhance the robot dog's interactive features.
  6. Safe and Durable Build:

    • Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic ABS material, this robot dog ensures the safety of your child during play.
    • With an operation time of 30-35 minutes, it provides extended entertainment.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Robot Dog
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x English Manual

Surprise your little ones with the joy of having their very own programmable robot companion! The Remote Control Dog Robot Toy is not just a toy – it's a fantastic blend of technology and entertainment! 🤖🌈