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Realistic Crocodile Head With Remote Control Boat

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Crocodile Head Remote Control Boat

Experience Thrilling Adventures with the Realistic Crocodile Head Remote Control Boat! 🐊🚤

Introducing the latest innovation in RC boats – the Realistic Crocodile Head Remote Control Boat! This uniquely designed boat not only offers high-speed excitement on the water but also brings an added thrill with its lifelike crocodile head appearance.

Key Features:

  1. Realistic Crocodile Head Design:

    • Meticulously crafted from high-quality resin material for an authentic appearance.
    • Simulates the look of a genuine crocodile head, adding an immersive touch to your water adventures.
  2. 2.4GHz Transmitter:

    • Ensures seamless and interference-free control, providing a smooth and enjoyable RC boat experience.
    • 2-channel controls for forward, backward movement, left and right turns, imitating the speed and movement of an actual crocodile.
  3. Simulated Crocodile Movement:

    • Delivers an authentic experience with movements that mimic a real crocodile, deterring geese and other waterfowl.
    • Prank your family and friends with this lifelike crocodile head swimming in the water.
  4. Low Voltage Protection:

    • Ensures added safety by automatically reducing speed by 40% when the voltage is low, signaling the need for a recharge.
  5. Quick Power On:

    • Activates quickly when the inductive paddle shaft senses water fluid, allowing for an easy start to your water adventure.
  6. Balanced Double Propeller:

    • Equipped with a balanced double propeller, providing a stable and entertaining experience without overturning.
  7. Waterproof Performance:

    • Features excellent waterproof performance with a waterproof rubber-equipped charging port and a fully enclosed, waterproof bottom.



  • Remote Control Frequency: 2.4G
  • Remote Control Distance: About 30m
  • Remote Control Battery: 2 * AA batteries (not included)
  • RC Boat Battery: 3.7V 500MAH lithium battery
  • Speed: 15km/h
  • Material: Resin + Plastic
  • Size: 31.3 x 14.4 x 12.5cm



    Package Includes:

    • Realistic Crocodile Head Remote Control Boat
    • Remote Control with Antenna
    • Crocodile Head Battery
    • USB Charging Cable
    • User Manual

    Embark on endless fun and laughter with the Realistic Crocodile Head Remote Control Boat – perfect for beach trips, pool days, lake adventures, or simply pranking around your local pond! 🌊🚤