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Programmable RC Smart Robot For Kids - Intelligent Combat Defender Robot

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Remote Control Toys - Smart Robot Toy - Smart Robot
Remote Control Toys Smart Robot is the perfect gift for your little loved ones! It acts as a companion to your kids, teaching them new skills and encouraging them to be creative and innovative. It also keeps them entertained for hours, stimulating their minds through interactions with the toy. With a Smart Robot Toy, you can be sure that your children will have a fun-filled, educational and memorable birthday or Christmas.
With a range of features, it is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Not only will it keep kids entertained, but it will also help them learn more about robotics, engineering, and programming. It's a great way to introduce them to STEM topics and explore the world of robotics. Kids Smart Robot also makes a great way to connect with your kids senses and explore more in the robotic world . Consider getting your little one a Smart Robot Toy and watch them have fun and learn something new. With its voice recognition and pre-programmed movement, this robotic toy is sure to be the hit of the party! Get the Kids Smart Robot today, and watch your child’s imagination come to life!
as it offers interactive play that combines learning and fun. With voice recognition, sensors, and a variety of games, your kiddo will be able to stay entertained while also developing cognitive skills. Plus, it even has a Parent Mode that allows you to control the activities and adjust the difficulty level as your child grows. 


  • Battery of Robot: 4.8V 700mAh Battery Pack
  • Charging Duration: 2.5hours (The light turns on during charging and turns off when the charging completes.)
  • Game Duration: 20 minutes
  • Remote Control Distance: 6-8 meters
  • Battery of Remote Control: Two 1.5V AA Batteries (not included)
  • Product Measurements: 27*12.5*33cm
  • Box Measurements: 29*16*37.5cm
  • Product Functions: like features of walking (forward/backward/turn left/turn right) and sliding, Tell stories, Dance, Launch missiles in different directions from the arms, Programmable movements, Audio and lights


  • Programmable RC Smart Robot For Kids is programmable, meaning that kids can learn to code while playing with it.
  • The robot is also intelligent, meaning that it can respond to commands and environments.
  • The robot is also a great combat defender, providing hours of fun for kids.
  • this smart robot toy is perfect for kids who love technology and want to learn more about programming.
  • The programmable RC smart robot is also great for teaching kids essential skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • This smart robot toy is also a lot of fun, and kids will love playing with it and seeing it in action.

Package included:

  • 1X RC Robot
  • 1X Battery Pack
  • 1X USB Charging Cable
  • 8X Foam Missile