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Professional Astronomical Refracting Telescope With Tripod

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Professional Astronomical Refracting Telescope With Tripod


Elevate your stargazing experience with the best telescope available. The Professional Astronomical Refracting Telescope, complete with a tripod, allows for clearer views of the sky's surface. Featuring a new design with top-quality optics, this telescope ensures optimal clarity for capturing images of the Moon, planets, and more. Additionally, the innovative inclusion of a moon rover enables autonomous exploration of the lunar surface without the need for human control. Discover the wonders of the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and convenience

Experience a whole new level of fun and learning with a Beginner Astronomical Telescope! Discover the wonders of the night sky with this essential Beginner Telescope, perfect for observing stars, planets, the moon, and various celestial objects. Additionally, it makes an ideal educational gift for children aged 5 years and up, fostering a love for astronomy and exploration.

Obtain a telescope that provides an unparalleled view of space with exceptionally sharp images, an optical glass globe, and precise globe tracking. This beginner telescope features a 470mm aperture and 300mm focal length, coupled with an optical eyepiece that projects clear images of the sky. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe with this instrument designed for exceptional clarity and precision.

The Professional Astronomical Refracting Telescope with Tripod simplifies the process of capturing sharp, high-quality photos and videos of the moon, planets, and the night sky. Featuring a low power consumption LED light source, this telescope enhances battery life, ensuring prolonged usage for your astronomical observations.


  • Designed as the ideal telescope for kids and beginners, this instrument fulfills all the essential requirements for those just starting their astronomical journey. Whether observing stars and moons at night or exploring planets, this telescope serves as the perfect companion for kids and beginners venturing into the world of astronomy..
  • LFeaturing a large aperture of 70mm and a focal length of 400mm, this telescope captures more light, resulting in clearer images suitable even for beginners. The increased aperture size contributes to a wider field of vision, enhancing the clarity of the observed images..
  • Simplify the assembly and disassembly process with our user-friendly design. A complete set of written and video Installation Guidelines is provided, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Rest assured, even first-time users, including kids and beginners, can effortlessly install the telescope without the need for any tools.


    • Optical Design: Refractor
    • Aperture: 70mm(2.75in)
    • Focal Length: 400mm(15.75in)
    • Resolution: 3 secs
    • Focal Ratio: F5.7
    • Finderscope: 5*24
    • Zenith Mirrors: 45°Erecting prism Diagonal
    • Diameter of the Eyepiece: 1.25"
    • Phone Adapter: for any model

    Package Included:

    • 1x TELMU 70mm Telescope
    • 1x Finderscope
    • 1x Diagonal mirror
    • 1x Phone Adapter
    • 1x K6mm Eyepiece
    • 1x K25mm Eyepiece
    • 1x Backpack
    • 1x User Manual

    Q&A and Answer

    Q&A: How do you attach the cell phone holder?

    Answer: In the video on our page, you can see how to install the phone holder

    Q&A: What should you do when your lens is blurry?

    Answer: Ensure a gradual temperature change to prevent lens fogging. Allow the telescope to dry out and reach a stable temperature. When cleaning, use only lens-quality cleaners, a microfiber cloth, and standard lens brushes and air puffers. Avoid using pressurized air, such as what you might use to dust out a computer, as it may not be suitable for telescope lenses.

    Q&A: how old is it suitable for?

    Answer: 17.7In-35.4In Adjustable, suitable for both adults and children

    Q&A: How sturdy is the tripod?

    Answer:The assembly process should only take a few minutes, given the limited number of joins, making it ready to go swiftly. However, note that the overall setup is a bit shaky, requiring careful handling to avoid excessive movement of the telescope, particularly when attempting to capture images with your phone camera.