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Portable Electronic Hand Roll Piano Keyboard

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Portable Electronic Hand Roll Piano Keyboard 

 Play The Piano Like A Professional!

Playing the piano is an amazing passion that has been shown to improve brain development, especially in young children, however, traditional pianos/keyboards are large and bulky and can cost hundreds or thousands. This means many people simply don't commit to learning for lack of space or fear that money will be wasted in vain if the piano/keyboard doesn't get used.


Portable Electronic Hand Roll Piano Keyboard will surely change how the way you create the most fantastic sounds using a typical piano. This is specially made to be hand-rolled so you can easily store it every after you're done using it.

That makes this very much suitable if you have small spaces in your home. But the thing about this is that, since this is just so impressive you will never want to stop playing this all day and all night. This has a 49 keys professional keyboard. Which only means this works perfectly the same just like a typical piano. 

Roll up piano is perfect for children and beginners. Your children can practice and improve while away from home keeping kids off addicting electronics. This is surely a good start of introducing them to a necessary habit, instead of just letting them spend their time playing gadgets. This piano is meant to last for a long time so you can guarantee that the most amazing sound creation you can do will keep on happening for more years to come.


 ✔️ Multifunctional Use: Multifunctional 49-key hand-rolled piano with built-in speakers. USB MIDI output, which can be connected to a computer to edit music. Support external headphones so as not to disturb others.
✔️ High-quality Design: This standard up-rolling piano is made of high-quality silicone material, which is wear-resistant, durable and soft. The sound is very crisp and powerful, making you feel the same as a real piano.
✔️ Suitable People: Suitable for people of all ages. The sound of rolling up piano is very clear and full of energy, just like a real piano. Perfect design for children and beginners.
✔️  Well-designed Design: More powerful functions, softer and more standardized tone, black keys are higher than white keys, high-end keyboards are thicker and more perfect; high sensitivity.
✔️ Portable and Easy-to-roll Design: The toner cartridge is a portable and easy-to-roll design for easy storage. Please be careful not to fold or over bend the toner cartridge pad to better protect the product.


  • Material: silicone rubber (keyboard); ABS plastic (control panel)
  • Instrument type: silicone piano
  • Keyboard type: children learning and exercising
  • Rated voltage: DC 4.5V or 3 x 1.5V AA battery (battery not included)
  • Power adapter: 4.5V, 0-1000mA
  • Color: Dream Black, Pearl White, Silver
  • Product size: 415 x 196 x 125mm/16.3 x 7.71 x 4.92"
  • Net weight: 736g
  • Gross weight: 924g

Package include:

1 x Roll Up Electronic Keyboard 
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual