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Pet Hair Remover Brush Self Cleaning - Pet Hair Massages

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Dog Brush For Short Hair - Hair Remover For Dogs - Hair Removal Brush

Introducing our specialized Dog Hair Remover Brush, meticulously crafted to effortlessly eliminate excess fur from short-haired dogs. The design prioritizes comfort, featuring a handle that fits comfortably in your hand and soft yet durable bristles for a quick and efficient removal of pet hair. This brush is the perfect choice for pet owners aiming to maintain their dog's fur soft and clean, and its lightweight and compact design make it convenient for quick access during shedding seasons.

Designed to cater to various fur types and lengths, this hair remover brush is equipped with a combination of soft and firm bristles, ensuring a gentle yet effective removal of unwanted fur while promoting the health and shine of your pet's coat. Bid farewell to persistent pet hair, and welcome a clean and fur-free home with the ease and efficiency of our Dog Hair Remover Brush.


  • Material: ABS and Stainless steel needle
  • Feature: Cat comb
  • Color: Dark blue, pink, grey, and green
  • Size: 101019 cm


  1. Adjustable Needle Comb: Tailor the brush according to your pet's needs.
  2. 60 Degree Bending Angle: Ensures optimal comfort during grooming sessions.
  3. Easy Hair Removal: Effortlessly removes loose fur for a cleaner home.
  4. Rounded Comb Head: Gentle on the skin, preventing any discomfort.
  5. Massage Skin While Removing Hair: Provides a soothing massage for your pet.


  • 1 x Pet Hair Brush

Experience the joy of a fur-free environment with our Dog Hair Remover Brush – where grooming meets comfort and efficiency. Your pet will thank you for the gentle care, and your home will stay impeccably clean.