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Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Heater Backyard Stove Fireplace

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Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Heater Backyard Stove Fireplace 

An outdoor wood-burning fire pit heater, backyard stove, or fireplace is a popular and attractive addition to outdoor spaces, providing warmth, ambiance, and a focal point for social gatherings. 


  1. Material and Construction:

    • Constructed from durable and heat-resistant materials such as steel, cast iron, or other weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor conditions.
  2. Design and Style:

    • Available in various designs and styles, ranging from traditional to modern, to complement different outdoor aesthetics and preferences.
  3. Fire Bowl or Pit:

    • Features a fire bowl or pit where the wood is burned. The design may include decorative elements such as cutouts or patterns that allow the flames to be visible.
  4. Safety Screen or Spark Guard:

    • Equipped with a safety screen or spark guard to contain sparks and embers, ensuring a safer outdoor environment and preventing accidental fires.
  5. Grate or Grille:

    • Includes a grate or grille where the wood is placed for burning. This helps with airflow, allowing the fire to burn more efficiently.
  6. Chimney or Ventilation:

    • Some models may have a chimney or ventilation system to direct smoke away from the seating area, reducing the impact of smoke on those gathered around the fire.
  7. Heat Resistant Finish:

    • Treated with a heat-resistant finish to withstand high temperatures and resist rust or corrosion.
  8. Cooking Features (Optional):

    • Some models come with additional features for cooking, such as a grill or cooking grate, allowing users to enjoy outdoor cooking while enjoying the warmth of the fire.
  9. Wood Storage Base (Optional):

    • In some designs, the fire pit may include a base or storage area for holding extra wood, making it convenient to keep a supply of fuel nearby.
  10. Ash Catcher or Pan:

    • Includes an ash catcher or pan to collect ashes, facilitating easy cleanup and maintenance.
  11. Portable or Built-In:

    • Available as portable units or built-in fixtures, depending on user preferences and the intended use of the fire pit.
  12. Size and Height:

    • Comes in various sizes and heights to suit different outdoor spaces and seating arrangements.
  13. Assembly and Installation:

    • Typically requires some assembly, and some may need specific installation considerations, especially if they are built-in or come with additional features like gas lines.
  • Overall Dimensions: 24"(L) x 24"(W) x 25"(H)
  • Lid Dimensions: 21.25"(L) x 21.25"(W) x 9"(H)
  • Fire Pit Base Dimensions: 18.5" Diameter x 7.5"(H)
  • Bowl Dimensions: 24" Diameter x 8.5"(H)
  • Product Weight: 15.75 lbs

Package includes:
1 x Metal Fire Pit
1 x Mesh Screen Lid
1 x Poker
1 x Instruction