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Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light With Remote Control

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Motion Sensor Solar Lights - Solar Motion Lights - Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light


Solar Motion Lights are an excellent choice for enhancing your home’s security and providing additional lighting throughout your property. These solar-powered lights are equipped with motion sensors that activate when movement is detected, ensuring that your home is well-lit and protected from potential intruders. Not only are these lights incredibly effective as a security measure, but they also require minimal maintenance, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly. Investing in a set of solar motion lights is a great way to ensure the safety and security of your home while also reducing your energy bill.

Motion sensor solar lights are the perfect way to provide your home with added security and safety. These outdoor solar motion sensor lights are easy to install and automatically turn on when motion is detected in the area. Not only are they cost effective, but they also run off of solar power, meaning they require no wiring and provide a renewable energy source. They are also weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Invest in motion sensor solar lights today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure.

Solar powered motion light are an excellent way to increase the security of your home or business. Not only do they provide power-efficient lighting solutions, but they also act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Outdoor solar motion lights come with powerful LED bulbs that are designed to provide bright and dependable illumination. These lights are easy to install and can be activated by the slightest movement, which is perfect for outdoor security. With a solar motion sensor light, you can rest assured that your home or business is well protected.


  • Steps for using the switch: ①Press the white button on the back of the solar panel, the light flashes once, indicating that the power is successful. ②Take out the insulating film in the remote control, then press "ON" to turn on the light. This solar chandelier only works in the dark. When you just received your solar light and want to test if it works, if it's daytime, cover the solar panel with something so that it doesn't feel the light.
  • 3-level brightness: The solar chandelier with 3 m cable has 3-level brightness dimming, (100%/50%/25%), you can adjust the brightness according to various uses. The light comes with a remote control that you can use within 5 meters to turn the light on/off, adjust the brightness and set the lighting time (3/5/8 hours). Note that the light will not turn on automatically at night, you will need to use the remote to turn it on.
  • IP44 waterproof and durable: The solar light is made of high-quality ABS, with a unique IP44 waterproof design, can withstand all kinds of bad weather, such as rain, snow, high temperature, suitable for garden, courtyard, corridor, courtyard, porch, storage room , balcony, corridor, stairs. Note: The chandelier only works at night. If you want to work during the day, cover the solar panels with something.
  • Easy to install: Just install the solar chandelier where you need it, and then install the panel to the place where the sun shines. The solar panel can be adjusted to various angles (180°) to ensure that the panel can absorb enough light. Note: When using the solar chandelier for the first time, please put the light in the sun for 6-8 hours before use.


  • Material: ABS
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Lighting time: about 18 hours
  • Gear: three gear brightness adjustable
  • Lithium battery: 3.7V 2200-4800mAh
  • Cable length: 3M

Package list:

1 x Solar light want 
1 x Solar panel 
1 x Line 
1 x Remote control 
1 x Manual 
1 x Screw 
1 x Fixed piece