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Neck Massager - Best Neck Massager - Intelligent Neck Massager

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Electric Neck Massager - Smart Neck Massager - Neck Pain Relief

Remove the common pain of your neck and back due to physical labour with our Intelligent TENS Pulse Neck Massager Warm Compress Neck Back Cervical Spine Pain Relief Kneading Massage Machine. Our Neck massager features 8 massage heads and 15 modes including kneading, acupuncture and heat functions, as well as tensive, invigorating and acupoint massages. This is the Best neck massager and a MUST-HAVE home appliance for anyone wanting to take care of their body!

With a delicate design, the Intelligent our Electric neck massager TENS Pulse Neck Massager Warm Compress Neck Back Cervical Spine Pain Relief Kneading Massage Machine Power Control can provide you an in-depth massager. this Smart neck massager helps to relieve muscle stiffness caused by bodywork and exercise, and promotes blood circulation of your cervical spine and shoulder muscles. Perfect for relieving stress, the massager is designed to keep your back muscles and shoulders warm when you massage. Its portable design makes it easy to carry, ideal for home use.
Experience the relaxing and pain relieving TENS pulse neck massager from Ouroboros. This Smart neck massager device combines sound engineering and advanced ergonomics to evenly distribute pressure around your neck, head, and shoulders. With 4 modes of operation and 15 stimulation intensities, it's a more efficient way to relieve stress and tension. Give yourself a break- have some fun with your friends!
  • High frequency mute: noise reduction design, 0-20 decibels, very quiet, almost no sound
  • Micro-curved surface design: ergonomic design, fits the skin surface,Full silicone bracket: softer, less pressure, neck size fits. Lightweight and comfortable: 170G, light and thin, more comfortable to wear
  • Soft silicone inner arm pad: skin-friendly soft silicone inner arm pad
  • Intelligent voice broadcast: intelligent voice broadcast in real time, care about you everywhere, easier to use
  • Strong endurance: built-in lithium battery, USB charging, one charge, 30 minutes of daily use, 15 days of sustainable use, long battery life.
  • TENS pulse massage: low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current is conducted to the skin, and by activating the cells of the human body, it prevents soreness caused by muscle stiffness.
  • Warm care at 38~45℃: like a hot towel on your shoulders and neck, breakthrough hot compress temperature setting it features 4 modes: Automatic mode,acupuncture mode,hammer mode,kneading mode.
  • it has 15-speed Intensity adjustment, 6-head massage: accurately cover the 4-7th cervical spine peripheral massage, just cover the common pain area of the cervical spine.


  • Item Type:Smart Neck Massager
  • Color:White
  • Material:ABS
  • Power:6W
  • Charging Time:4 Hours
  • Temperature:42℃
  • Charger:5V 1A
  • Weight:170g
  • Size:14*14.5cm/5.51*5.71in

Product Includes

  • 1*Neck Massager
  • 2*Electrodes Pads
  • 1*Cable for Electrodes Pads
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*Remote Control
  • 1*Manual
  • 1*Box