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Montessori Baby Busy Book - Montessori Book

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Montessori Baby Busy Book - Montessori book - Best montessori books

This book of handmade DIYs will bring your children a variety of visual experiences, while teaching the child to recognize different animals, shapes, sizes and other useful life knowledge. The colourful pages will also stimulate their language skills, reading ability, sensory ability and communication ability.

 Baby Busy Book is a DIY toddler busy book. The reason we named it "busy" book is because the activities in this book will help to develop your child's sensory abilities and learn about different materials and experiences.In fact, this Busy book can be used by toddlers from 12 months old to 3 years old. With 16 pages filled with colorful pages, each page has a variety of colorful icons for children to identify.

The content in this montessori busy book is organized according to categories, which are very easy for children to recognize and read.


  • Rich printing and dyeing color content to bring the baby a variety of visual experience, while teaching the baby to recognize different colors, shapes, sizes, life knowledge and so on.
  • Book itself has a variety of categories for children to recognize, recognize different animals, small common sense at the same time let children develop a good habit of reading. Can stimulate your child's language skills, reading ability, sensory ability, communication ability and rich imagination.
  • Gift box, birthday / holiday gifts, from an early age to cultivate your baby's interest in reading, develop reading habits.


Size: 28*20*1.8cm

Package Includes:

1x book