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Hanging Large Plastic Plants for Decoration

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Plastic Plants - Large Fake Plants - Hanging Plants

Decorative hanging large plastic plants can be a great addition to your space, adding a touch of greenery without the maintenance associated with real plants. 


  1. Selecting Hanging Plants:

    • Choose large plastic plants that match your decor and style. There are various artificial plant options available, including hanging vines, ferns, or larger plants with cascading foliage.
  2. Consider the Location:

    • Decide where you want to hang the plants. Common locations include near windows, in corners, or over furniture to create a visually appealing arrangement.
  3. Choose Hanging Mechanism:

    • Determine the hanging mechanism that suits your needs. Options include hooks, macramé plant hangers, ceiling-mounted brackets, or wall-mounted brackets.
  4. Install Hooks or Brackets:

    • If you are using hooks or brackets, install them securely in the chosen location. Make sure they are properly anchored to the ceiling or wall to support the weight of the hanging plants.
  5. Use Macramé Plant Hangers:

    • If you prefer a bohemian or vintage look, consider using macramé plant hangers. Attach the hangers to hooks or brackets and adjust the length to achieve the desired height.
  6. Arrange Plants in Groups:

    • For a more visually interesting display, consider arranging multiple hanging plants in groups. Vary the heights and types of plants for a dynamic and layered look.
  7. Securely Hang Plants:

    • Ensure that the plants are securely hung from the chosen mechanism. Double-check the stability and make any necessary adjustments to prevent accidents.
  8. Adjustable Heights:

    • Opt for hanging mechanisms that allow you to adjust the height of the plants easily. This flexibility enables you to create a customized and balanced arrangement.
  9. Mix Real and Artificial Plants:

    • If you have real plants in the space, consider mixing them with artificial ones. This can create a lush and green environment while minimizing maintenance.
  10. Consider Lighting:

    • Take into account the lighting conditions in the chosen location. Ensure that the artificial plants receive enough light to look realistic and vibrant.
  11. Maintenance:

    • While artificial plants require less maintenance than real ones, occasional dusting may be necessary to keep them looking fresh and clean.
  12. Check Indoor/Outdoor Suitability:

    • Confirm whether the plastic plants are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some artificial plants are designed specifically for outdoor decor.
  13. Seasonal Changes:

    • Swap out or rearrange hanging plants according to seasonal changes or whenever you want to refresh the decor.
  14. Experiment with Arrangements:

    • Have fun experimenting with different arrangements and placements until you find a configuration that enhances your space.
  15. Monitor Overhead Clearance:

    • Ensure that the hanging plants have sufficient overhead clearance to prevent any obstructions or interference with daily activities.
  • Plant Style: Branch
  • Placement: Hanging
  • Number of Pcs: 1pc
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 85cm / 34 inch
  • 1 x hanging large plastic
  • 1 x hook to hold