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Outdoor Water Rocket Launcher Lift Sprinkler Toy Set

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Outdoor Water Rocket Launcher Lift Sprinkler Toy Set



An outdoor water rocket launcher lift sprinkler toy set is a fun and engaging activity for children that combines the excitement of launching water rockets with the enjoyment of water play. 


  1. Water Rocket Launcher:

    • The set includes a rocket launcher designed to propel water rockets into the air. This launcher often consists of a stand, a launch tube, and a pump mechanism.
  2. Water Rockets:

    • Typically comes with one or more water rockets, which are specially-designed plastic bottles that can be filled with water and pressurized using the launcher.
  3. Pump Mechanism:

    • The launcher features a pump or pressurization mechanism that allows users to build pressure inside the rocket before launching it. This is usually done by pumping air into the rocket using a foot pump or a hand pump.
  4. Pressure Release Valve:

    • A pressure release valve ensures that the pressure inside the rocket reaches a safe level before launch. This valve helps prevent over-pressurization.
  5. Launch Tube:

    • The launch tube is where the water rocket is placed before launch. It guides the rocket upward and ensures a stable launch.
  6. Adjustable Launch Angle:

    • Some sets come with an adjustable launch angle feature, allowing users to experiment with different launch trajectories.
  7. Sprinkler Attachment:

    • An added feature is a sprinkler attachment that releases water in various directions when the rocket launches. This enhances the water play experience and adds an element of surprise.
  8. Sturdy Base:

    • The launcher typically comes with a stable and sturdy base to ensure safety during launches.
  9. Assembly and Disassembly:

    • The set is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for storage or transport. The quick setup allows for more time spent playing.
  10. Educational Component:

    • Some sets include educational materials or instructions that explain the science behind water rocket launches, making it a fun and educational activity.
  11. Safety Considerations:

    • Safety features such as non-slip bases, rounded edges, and clear safety guidelines are often included to ensure safe play.
  12. Durable Materials:

    • Constructed from durable materials, such as sturdy plastic or metal, to withstand the rigors of outdoor play.
  13. Outdoor Use:

    • Intended for outdoor use, providing a fun and refreshing activity during warm weather.
  14. Age Recommendation:

    • Most sets come with age recommendations to ensure the safety and suitability of the toy for specific age groups.
  15. Colorful and Fun Design:

    • The overall design is often colorful and visually appealing, creating an exciting atmosphere for outdoor play.



Item: Rocket Launcher Toys
Material: ABS, EVA
Size: 28.5*18cm
Packing Size: 14.8*14.8*29cm

Package List:
1* Rocket
1* Base Interface
1* Faucet Interface