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Cordless Auto LED Door Sill 2.0

Original price $ 99.99
Original price $ 99.99 - Original price $ 99.99
Original price $ 99.99
Current price $ 94.95
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Current price $ 94.95

 Cordless Auto LED Light Pedal- Door Lights

Make Your Car Outstanding! 

Introducing the Auto LED Light Pedal: Elevate Your Car's Style and Safety! 🚗✨

Revolutionize your car's appearance and enhance safety with our Auto LED Light Pedal – a cordless design for 2021! This product not only serves as a stylish door lights decoration but also functions as a protective pedal cover. With a polished Acrylic mirror surface, rotating flashing colorful lights, and a range of features, it adds a touch of fashion to your car while offering protection against scratches and water damage.


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Key Features:

  1. Fashion Outlook:

    • The polished Acrylic mirror surface covers existing scratches and adds a fashionable touch to your car, giving it a stylish outlook.
  2. Flashing Colorful LED:

    • Choose between automatic color-changing patterns or your favorite fixed color. The dynamic LED flashing lights above the threshold add beauty and coolness to your car, especially at night.
  3. High Quality:

    • Crafted from anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant Acrylic and high brightness LED, ensuring durability and longevity.
  4. Door Open/Close Sensitive:

    • LED lights activate when the car door is open and turn off when closed, providing a seamless and responsive user experience.
  5. Waterproof:

    • Shielded with IP67 waterproofing, ensuring protection against water exposure.
  6. Cordless:

    • Enjoy a neat and clear car interior with our new cordless LED pedal plate, eliminating the need for wiring.
  7. USB Charging:

    • Convenient USB charging allows for a quick 2-hour charge, providing 3 months of usage on a single charge.
  8. Easy to Install:

    • The cordless design simplifies the installation process, making it easier than other products. Follow the installation procedure shown in the accompanying images.




  1. Will this fit in my car?

    • Yes, this product is designed to accommodate normal-sized pedals found in most cars.
  2. I want 4 pedals for my car; do I need to put “4” under quantity?

    • No, the quantity refers to the number of pairs you'd like to buy. Select "1" for one pair (front or back doors) and specify the desired quantity accordingly.
  3. How do I change colors on this?

    • The pedals have 7 preinstalled colors that can be changed by pressing the small button on the pedals. The button also manages color effects.
  4. Should I charge it when I unbox them? Do I get a charging cable?

    • Yes, it's advisable to charge the pedals for at least an hour upon unboxing. A USB charging cable is included in the package.

Elevate your car's style and safety with our Auto LED Light Pedal! Order now and enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. 🚗✨