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Artificial Hanging Plants Wall Decoration

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Hanging Fake plants - Large Fake plants - Plastic Plants


Hanging large fake plants made of plastic can be a great way to add greenery and visual interest to your space without the need for maintenance. 


  1. Choose the Right Plants:

    • Select large fake plants that suit your decor style and space. Consider the type of foliage, color, and size that will complement the overall aesthetic.
  2. Select Hanging Mechanism:

    • Decide on the hanging mechanism that best fits your space. Options include hooks, ceiling-mounted brackets, wall-mounted brackets, or decorative hanging pots.
  3. Install Hanging Hardware:

    • If using hooks or brackets, install them securely in the chosen location. Ensure that the hardware is suitable for the weight of the fake plants.
  4. Use Decorative Hanging Pots:

    • Opt for decorative hanging pots that are specifically designed for fake plants. These pots often come with built-in hooks or hangers for easy installation.
  5. Attach Hanging Hardware to Pots:

    • If using traditional pots, attach the appropriate hanging hardware. This may involve screwing in hooks, attaching brackets, or using macramé hangers.
  6. Adjust the Height:

    • Adjust the height of the hanging plants to achieve the desired look. Some hanging mechanisms allow for easy height adjustment, providing flexibility in your arrangement.
  7. Create Groupings:

    • Consider grouping multiple large fake plants together to create a lush and visually appealing display. Vary the heights and types of plants for added interest.
  8. Securely Hang the Plants:

    • Ensure that the plants are securely hung from the chosen mechanism. Double-check the stability and make any necessary adjustments to prevent accidents.
  9. Mix and Match Styles:

    • Experiment with different styles of fake plants. You can mix and match various foliage types, colors, and textures to create a more dynamic and realistic display.
  10. Consider Lighting Conditions:

    • Take into account the lighting conditions in the chosen location. Arrange the fake plants to receive adequate light, ensuring a more natural appearance.
  11. Check Indoor/Outdoor Suitability:

    • Verify whether the fake plants are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some artificial plants are designed specifically for outdoor decor.
  12. Maintenance:

    • Fake plants require minimal maintenance, but occasional dusting or cleaning may be necessary to keep them looking fresh.
  13. Experiment with Arrangements:

    • Have fun experimenting with different arrangements and placements until you find a configuration that enhances your space.
  14. Monitor Overhead Clearance:

    • Ensure that the hanging plants have sufficient overhead clearance to prevent obstructions or interference with daily activities.
  15. Seasonal Changes:

    • Change or rearrange the hanging fake plants according to seasonal changes or whenever you want to refresh the decor.


    • is_customized: YES
    • Plant Style: VINE
    • Placement: Hanging
    • Number of Pcs: 1pc
    • Material: Plastic


    • 1 x artificial hanging plant