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2021 KY907 PRO Mini Drone 4K HD Professional Camera WIFI FPV RC Quadcopter

Original price $ 69.99
Original price $ 69.99 - Original price $ 109.99
Original price $ 69.99
Current price $ 49.99
$ 49.99 - $ 99.99
Current price $ 49.99
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Introducing the NEW KY907 Pro Drone – your professional aerial companion designed to efficiently and quickly capture stunning videos and photos. This mini drone is equipped with a 4K HD professional camera, supporting live-streaming, 12MP high-resolution images, and 4K video shooting. The compact design with foldable arms makes it easy to carry, while the high hold mode ensures stable flight.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Portable: The foldable arm design makes this mini drone small in size and easy to carry, ensuring convenience during your aerial adventures.

  • WiFi Function: Connect the drone to your phone/tablet via WiFi and control the camera up to 100m away. Enjoy real-time picture transfer through the mobile phone camera with the APP and APK system.

  • Orbital Flight Mode: Choose the route you need with the orbital flight mode, allowing you to capture unique and dynamic shots.

  • Gesture Photography: Capture pictures with gestures and utilize the MV music editing function for creative and personalized content.

  • Dual Cameras: Equipped with two cameras to choose from, including a 4K wide-angle camera for shooting a variety of high-definition pictures and videos.

  • 3-Speed Mode: The drone features three-speed modes (low, medium, and high) to accommodate different skill levels and ensure smooth flying.

  • Headless Mode: No need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users.

  • Anti-Interference Technology: Utilizes 2.4GHz technology to prevent interference, offering stable and reliable control.

FAQ: Q: What should I do if the drone cannot take off? A: Check the propeller to ensure it is installed correctly. The direction of the inclined propeller must be the same.

Q: What should I do if the motor does not rotate? A:

  1. Ensure successful pairing between the remote control and the drone.
  2. Check whether the propeller is over-tightened.
  3. Inspect the motor for any obstructions (hair, rope, etc.). If the issue persists, contact customer service for assistance.

Q: How many batteries does this drone have? A: The number of batteries depends on the version chosen. For example, if you select a version with 3 batteries, it includes 2 batteries and 1 in the drone.

Q: I cannot see the real-time image on the App. A:

  1. Confirm that the drone has sufficient power.
  2. Ensure your mobile device is connected to the drone's WiFi.
  3. Disable cellular data or automatic WiFi disconnection in your phone settings.
  4. Verify that the camera is not blocked.
  5. Fly the drone within the FPV range (remote control range).
  6. Try connecting to the drone's WiFi using other mobile phones.

The KY907 Pro Drone is your go-to solution for capturing breathtaking aerial footage with ease and efficiency.