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10'x10' Waterproof Patio Gazebo - Small Gazebo For Patio

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Current price $ 94.99

 Small Gazebo For Patio - Patio Shelter - Patio Gazebo

Image 1 - 10'x10' Gazebo Canopy Top Replacement 2 Tier Patio UV30 Pavilion Cover Sunshade

Product Name: 10'x10' Waterproof Patio Gazebo - Small Gazebo For Patio

Key Features:

  1. Size: 10 feet by 10 feet dimensions, providing a spacious and sheltered area for outdoor activities.

  2. Waterproof Material: Constructed with waterproof materials, offering protection from rain and ensuring a dry space underneath.

  3. Durable Frame: Features a sturdy frame, commonly made of materials like steel or aluminum, providing stability and durability.

  4. Vented Roof: May include a vented roof design to allow for air circulation and reduce wind resistance.

  5. Mesh Netting: Some models come with mesh netting to keep out insects and provide additional shade and privacy.

  6. Easy Assembly: Designed for easy assembly with clear instructions, enabling users to set up the gazebo without extensive effort.

  7. Stability: Equipped with anchor points or feet for securing the gazebo to the ground, enhancing stability in various weather conditions.

  8. UV Protection: Offers UV protection to shield occupants from harmful sun rays during outdoor activities.

  9. Portable Design: Portable and lightweight design for easy relocation or storage when not in use.

  10. Versatile Use: Suitable for various outdoor spaces, including patios, gardens, decks, and more, providing a shaded and weather-resistant area.


  • Outdoor Shelter: Provides a covered space for outdoor gatherings, relaxation, or dining, shielding occupants from rain and sun.

  • Extended Living Space: Acts as an extension of the home's living space, allowing for outdoor enjoyment in various weather conditions.

  • Entertainment Area: Creates an ideal setting for entertaining guests, hosting barbecues, or enjoying meals outdoors.

  • Protection from Elements: The waterproof and UV-resistant features offer protection from rain, sunlight, and other weather elements.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Mesh netting adds an element of comfort by keeping insects out while allowing airflow.

Usage Tips:

  1. Secure Properly: Ensure the gazebo is properly secured to the ground, especially in windy conditions, using anchors or stakes.

  2. Follow Assembly Instructions: Adhere to the manufacturer's assembly instructions to ensure a secure and stable setup.

  3. Regular Maintenance: Inspect the gazebo regularly for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. Address any issues promptly to prolong the lifespan.

  4. Remove Snow Load: If applicable, remove accumulated snow from the gazebo roof to prevent damage and maintain structural integrity.

  5. Avoid Extreme Conditions: Consider disassembling or storing the gazebo during extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall or storms.

  6. Clean Fabric and Frame: Clean the fabric and frame periodically to remove dirt, debris, or stains. Follow care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  7. Use Caution with Open Flames: Exercise caution when using open flames or heat sources under the gazebo to prevent fire hazards.

  8. Monitor Mesh Netting: Check and repair mesh netting if needed to ensure proper functionality.


    • Upper Tier Hemline Dimension: 37" x 37"(94cm x 94cm)
    • Upper Tier Hypotenuse Dimension: 28 3/4"(73cm)
    • Upper Tier Middle Height: 22 13/16"(58cm)
    • Bottom Tier Hemline Dimension: 120 1/16" x 120 1/16"(305cm x 305cm))
    • Bottom Tier Hypotenuse Dimension: 67 11/16"(172cm)
    • Bottom Tier Middle Height: 50"(127cm)

    Package Contents:

    • 1x High-quality Gazebo Canopy Replacement
    • 1x Manual